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Hi, My name is Dan Ferber. I am a husband of a lovely, wonderful wife of 10 plus years and a father of a silly, imaginative daughter. I created this site to help share my creativity. Some days it might be something fun I did with the family. Other times it might be something I find inspiring or motivational. I just wanted one place where I could share my ideas, creativity, and hopefully help others start their day in a more positive way.

Click on the link below to find some fun products for you and your family. Just for your information, I might earn a small commision with each purchase.

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To see some of my stuff I have done please check out my:

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I hope you enjoy.  

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Soccer Coach, what was I thinking

Hi. The other day, I got an email. Asking for parents to be Head, Soccer Coaches for youth soccer. And for some reason, I decided to say yes. I’m not exactly sure why at the time probably because, you know, I thought I would be Fun, and exciting and different. And the way to spend…


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Hi, My name is Dan Ferber, and I am a busy husband and father. Sometimes I need a quick burst of motivation to help me get through a day—That’s where the Start-Today-Happy podcast comes in. I give short and straightforward words of inspiration and encouragement to help you and me through a hectic and busy day. Thank you for listening, and please share and subscribe.

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