Starting your day of right

Yesterday I was very tired in the middle of the day. I wondered why am I so tired I got a good amount of sleep The night before. Well trying to figure an answer I found out that starting how you start your day can affect the rest of your day.  Here are some tipsContinue reading “Starting your day of right”

Overwhelm with information.

Hi, if you didn’t know we live in an amazing world. We have access to more information than at any point in our history. We can gain knowledge 24/7 365 days a year. Now gaining knowledge and information can be great, however, I think at times it can become overwhelming. For myself, I look atContinue reading “Overwhelm with information.”

Pivot so you can do the things you want.

Today after 8 days it is finally raining outside. The grass and trees definitely needed it.  However, I was looking forward to grilling outside.  I thought how could I grill out in the rain, won’t I get wet or the food gets soggy, yuck.  Then I look and realized I can grill just move theContinue reading “Pivot so you can do the things you want.”