Why keep going

Hi.  I hope everyone is good.  I’ve been thinking of why keep going and putting stuff out there for the world to see.  I ask myself what is the point of all of this. I don’t have many followers, and I appreciate each one. I see other accounts with the same message, with more engagement,Continue reading “Why keep going”

Take care of you

Good morning I hope everyone had a good night’s rest.  I didn’t realize till this morning that I forgot to write yesterday. I must say I am pretty proud that I wrote for over 34 days straight.  So now to a new streak.  Today I want to write about taking care of yourself.   I’ve beenContinue reading “Take care of you”

Why sleep is important?

June 14th Hi It’s been a busy evening.  After work, I help my daughter with her homework, dropped off some teacher gifts, went shopping, and grilled.  I am tired.  Because I am tired I wanted to write about sleep.        I use to think sleep wasn’t that important.  However, I am beginning to realize itContinue reading “Why sleep is important?”