Be consistent

Hi I hope everyone is doing well.  I wanted to share my thoughts on a video I watched earlier.  It was about being consistent.    Unfortunately many people want results right away.  They may post something online and get no views, or go to the gym one day workout for 9 hours and expect to beContinue reading “Be consistent”

Why sleep is important?

June 14th Hi It’s been a busy evening.  After work, I help my daughter with her homework, dropped off some teacher gifts, went shopping, and grilled.  I am tired.  Because I am tired I wanted to write about sleep.        I use to think sleep wasn’t that important.  However, I am beginning to realize itContinue reading “Why sleep is important?”

Help those you can help.

June 13th. Hi.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.   Today I want to write about helping others.  I think it’s a good idea to help others.  However one must realize that not everyone would want your help.  This can be particularly frustrating when you know someone needs assistance but refuses. So what can oneContinue reading “Help those you can help.”

Getting over disappointment

So last night I watched one of the best football games I’ve ever watched. The AFC divisional round between the Buffalo Bills vs the Kanas City Chiefs. I was very disappointed with the outcome because my Buffalo Bills lost. They played a great game and so this morning I want to talk about getting overContinue reading “Getting over disappointment”