Letting your kids go

Good evening I was watching the latest episode of the Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds.  In the episode, the doctor has a daughter who has a terminal illness.  He desperately wants to find a cure.  He eventually comes across one, however for her spirit to live, she has to give up her body.  ThisContinue reading “Letting your kids go”

June 1 2022. Day 1 let’s see how many days I can write.

The year is officially 1/2 gone.  I ask myself am I where I want to be.  Looking back, the 1st 6 months of 2022, has been, filled with emotions.     My work has been a struggle, trying to adapt to the new way of collecting.  I believe I am getting better, and last month I hadContinue reading “June 1 2022. Day 1 let’s see how many days I can write.”

Getting over disappointment

So last night I watched one of the best football games I’ve ever watched. The AFC divisional round between the Buffalo Bills vs the Kanas City Chiefs. I was very disappointed with the outcome because my Buffalo Bills lost. They played a great game and so this morning I want to talk about getting overContinue reading “Getting over disappointment”