Random helpful thoughts.

I have to admitted I hate making mistakes.  I know they are part of life, yet when I make one, I feel frustrated, disappointed annoyed.   Because of a mistake I made, the feelings I have bring up mistakes from the past.  These negative feelings are not good.      I know I’ll make mistakes again, in myContinue reading “Random helpful thoughts.”

Change the voice inside podcast.

Please listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Change the voice inside. https://anchor.fm/starttodayhappy/episodes/Change-the-voice-inside-e109or1 – I thank you for listening. – Please leave a review on Apple ITunes or Spotify – You can check out other cool stuff I have done by clicking: https://linktr.ee/starttodayhappy – If you wish to support the podcast go tohttp://www.Anchor.fm/starttodayhappy/supportContinue reading “Change the voice inside podcast.”