A difficult decision

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.   Amelia Earhart I saw this quote and I thought the hardest part, isn’t the decision to act, it’s the merely tenacity.  Now you might ask what does merely tenacity mean, well I looked it up. It is someone who doesn’t give upContinue reading “A difficult decision”

Just jump in. (A podcast)

Here is a podcast for today. I hope to share more of these in the future. A story about jumping in, and enjoying the results.  I hope you enjoyed this podcast.  Please share, subscribe and comment on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or wherever you listen.  Thank you.  http://Www.716dadadvice.com https://anchor.fm/716dadadvice/episodes/Jump-right-in-e1ldtn5

Why you should jump right in?

Hi I hope everyone is doing well.  This weekend I went over to my sister’s in law house for her birthday. They have a pool, and while the weather was hot, the pool was a bit cold.  My daughter wanted me to jump in. I was hesitant at 1st, I didn’t want to jump intoContinue reading “Why you should jump right in?”

Good and Bad Times

Hi So today the U.S Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade.   This decision was unfortunate news to many.  While this was happening the U.S Senate passed new gun regulations that will soon be signed by President Biden.   This is good news for many people.       The reason I mentioned both these stories, is to shareContinue reading “Good and Bad Times”