How to get unstuck

Hi. Here is my latest podcast episode. How to get unstuck in life? I hope you enjoy listening to it. #inspire #motivation #helpothers #starttodayhappy #goforit #happy #positivethinking #positive #kindness #believe #doitnow #mindset

Just jump in. (A podcast)

Here is a podcast for today. I hope to share more of these in the future. A story about jumping in, and enjoying the results.  I hope you enjoyed this podcast.  Please share, subscribe and comment on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or wherever you listen.  Thank you.

Random helpful thoughts.

I have to admitted I hate making mistakes.  I know they are part of life, yet when I make one, I feel frustrated, disappointed annoyed.   Because of a mistake I made, the feelings I have bring up mistakes from the past.  These negative feelings are not good.      I know I’ll make mistakes again, in myContinue reading “Random helpful thoughts.”