June 11th: Do something spontaneous.

June 11 Hi Tonight as a family we are watching “Better Nate the Ever” on Disney plus.  It’s about a 13 year taking a chance and following his dreams to be a star on Broadway.   While I thought about following a person his or dreams I decided to write about something else.         I decidedContinue reading “June 11th: Do something spontaneous.”

June 9th. Remind me not to post that.

June 9th Hi. Hope everyone is well this evening.  I need to remind myself that there are some things I shouldn’t post.  Mostly political stuff.  Now, this is not a political post, however, I posted something on a social media site, and the response is making me, think I need to respond.  My head isContinue reading “June 9th. Remind me not to post that.”

June 8 and Rebuilding confidence

June 8th Hi, I hope everyone had a good day.  I had a meeting at work.  The meeting went well, and they talked about getting back my confidence.  So I thought how can people gain confidence.  Some things I’ve read are log in your accomplishments.   Remember the fact that you have done great thing before. Continue reading “June 8 and Rebuilding confidence”

There is something positive with change.

Hi I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Today was spent, doing stuff around the house.   I grilled, did laundry, and clean parts of the home.  My wife cut the grass and did some cleaning too.   We later went for a walk along the Niagara River.        So today I want to express a lesson thatContinue reading “There is something positive with change.”