Lesson from today

Hi Today I am not sure what to write about.  I think I will tell you about a problem I had earlier today.  I went to my parents to grill.  I turn on the grill and unfortunately the flames were not very high.  It was a gas grill.  I looked, and everything was on correctlyContinue reading “Lesson from today”

Life advise for us all

Hi So today my daughter had her moving-up ceremony. It was a short, and cute ceremony. Here is some advice from the presentation: Be kind to others you’ll never know when your path with cross again. Be kind to others you never know what others are going threw. You don’t have to be the best,Continue reading “Life advise for us all”

A bad moment now what? How to stop a bad moment, from ruining your day.

Good evening I hope everyone had a good day.  I just had a beef jerky stick that tasted horrible. I usually like beef jerky but this particular one was not very good.   Now you might ask yourself why I am mentioning this.  The reason is that sometimes even I will let one bad experienceContinue reading “A bad moment now what? How to stop a bad moment, from ruining your day.”

Help those you can help.

June 13th. Hi.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.   Today I want to write about helping others.  I think it’s a good idea to help others.  However one must realize that not everyone would want your help.  This can be particularly frustrating when you know someone needs assistance but refuses. So what can oneContinue reading “Help those you can help.”

June 12: Take a break when needed

June 12 Hi We just came back from a impromptu getaway.  It was loads of fun and much needed.  I think our family was overworked and overwhelmed with everything going on.      Today I want to write why I think it’s important to take breaks.  One reason I think it’s important is that it helpsContinue reading “June 12: Take a break when needed”