My roller coaster week

Something different today. I wanted to write about my last week, and lesson I learned. I hope you enjoy it:

I hope everyone had a good 2nd week. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions.
       On Monday Jan 9th I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary with my wife.  We had a wonderful time.  We went to the movies and bowling.  The rest of the week, was not what I expect.  Unfortunately I got notified of 2 call fails when I got back to work. Something that I didn’t want.   It’s annoying when you make a mistake. Yes I know people make them, however at my job make to many and you won’t get a commission check for the month.  I tried to learn from my mistake and move on.
   One a brighter note, I believe I’ve been improving with the negotiations and speaking on the phone.  I also received payment each day last week too.  I’ve stayed on target to hit my goal this month, so that’s good. 
    Then today Monday Jan 16th, my boss told me of a nother mistake on a call. I was devestad, 3 in the month, and just half way threw.  I felt terrible with myself, how could I let this happen.  My manager told me not to dwell on it.  It’s hard not too, when it effects my take home pay. 
    Then I thought about it.  While it is unfortunate I made a mistake, I need to realize that it’s not a reflection of the kind person I am.  Also that people make mistakes too, we aren’t perfect.  Third I should focus on the area I am improving in, and the positive I have done so far this month.  I just hope these last two weeks go better in regards to call quality then the 1st too.


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