2nd guessing

Good evening

I am writing this to express how I am feeling. I am feeling blah, but I hope by writing this, will help change my thoughts, to be more positive about the future. I am concerned about what the future holds.  So why am I concerned, well I was off the last week, due to Covid, and Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t having the month I wanted.  Of course, now I am second guessing myself, on whether should I have worked, or figured out a way to.  I know I can’t change the past, and I don’t like this feeling of 2nd guessing.  What can one do, or I to help with analyzing past decisions?

One thing is their not one right decision.  At the time I was not 100%.  Also, I had already planned to take 3 days off already cause of the holiday.  When going back, I feel I made the right decision at that time. 

Second I need to remember, that I have people who care and want me to succeed.  I have been in similar situations and have gotten threw them.  I should take this as a lesson to be learned. 

Also, I should review what I was able to accomplish with my time off.  I was able to write 3 blog post, a podcast and a few reels got better and spent time with my daughter.  I believe that if you remember what you accomplished because of that decision, it will put one’s mind, in a better state. I know it did for me. Even writing this now, has helped with my anxiety about the future and past.

I hope this helps whoever reads it.  If it did please share it.  I hope you have a great day.


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Hi, I am in my early '40s with a wife and a young daughter. I am doing this so I can share my ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world. I also wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy it.

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