Burying doubt

It’s been a while since I wrote an article.  I could give many excuses, but I want to be honest, and it’s because I have been having a self doubt. 

This doubt, I’ve created I do not like it.  Of course, I don’t know anyone who does enjoy it.  Who wakes up and says I want to doubt myself today.  I know I don’t but yet doubt comes around uninvited. 

I wish I could find a way just to destroy doubt forever, unfortunately, the best I can do is just give tips on how to bury it deep within.

I am using recommendations from Jay Shetty, and the Limitless TV Series.

The 1st is to acknowledge the doubt.  Everyone has experienced it at one time or another.  So don’t feel alone.  So stop, and recognize how you are feeling.

Once that is done, take time to reflect, and ask why are you feeling this.  What is causing this doubt? For, I was feeling doubt because I wasn’t sure if these articles were helping anyone.  I’m not an expert, I am just a father, who wants to share his thoughts with the world, hopefully, help others.

The third is to observe, what has happened.  I begin to understand that I have written articles before that have helped others.  That I need to remember I can’t help everyone, but I can help someone.  The power of positive thoughts and speech is very powerful.

Then you need to proceed and take action.  Doubt doesn’t enjoy action. When one takes action, it is putting doubt in the back.   I am writing this cause I believe this will help others. 

I hope by doubt will be gone for a while.  I know it won’t but when it does I will remember what I wrote and hope that will help me continue to move forward.


Published by Dan Ferber

Hi, I am in my early '40s with a wife and a young daughter. I am doing this so I can share my ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world. I also wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy it.

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