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It’s football season which also means people will be Tailgating. No, tailgating can be intimidating to some but I’m here to ease your mind and show that tailgating can’t be fun and you just need a few friends to tailgate with.  

I’ve been going to football games for about 20 years now how about however I have just started tailgating and I enjoy it and it’s a good bonding experience with your friends and with other fans of the game.

 So what do you need when you tailgate well I like to keep my tailgates fun and simple.

 One of the most important things is to plan. It’s important to plan so you don’t forget things. You would hate to get to the game and have forgotten either drinks or the food or the grill.

Tips for before the game.

      -plan on what food you will serve

     – use Google maps to determine where to park

     – check the weather. 


I might recive a small commision if you click on the link and make a purchase: The links below will help you to get all your tailgaiting needs: 


I recommend a good gas grill. I recommend gas because it is easier to carry. One does not have to wait for the fire to die down. The gas grill is easier clean-up. A charcoal grill, it’s hard to light, you have to make sure the coal is out before leaving it. It’s harder to clean up. Recently someone left their grill unattended which destroyed 8 cars at a Miami Dolphins Game.  CLICK TO FIND A GRILL

Grill tool. I recommend a set, so you have everything together. I usually bring the basics, tongs, and a spatula.  GRILL TOOLS

Paper products. Plates, silverware, paper towels and some hand saitizer 

Two garbage bags: one for cans and the other for garbage.


I usually bring a medium size cooler. I freeze water bottles, to help keep stuff cold. Once the water bottle defrosts, use it as drinking water. An assortment of drinks. I recommend getting cans of soda and beer.  COOLERS

Chairs, one for each person that is traveling in your car. A Small table to set stuff on, or the trunk of your car. CHAIRS


  I recommend cooking hotdogs, sausage, and or burger because they are easy to cook on a grill. Just dont forget the bread and condiments. 

    Chips are always a good choice.  

The most important thing when tailgating is to have fun! TAILGATE FUN STUFF

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Thank you. If this help you in any way please share with your friends.

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