Starting your day of right

Yesterday I was very tired in the middle of the day. I wondered why am I so tired I got a good amount of sleep The night before.

Well trying to figure an answer I found out that starting how you start your day can affect the rest of your day.  Here are some tips on how to start your day with energy and momentum to carry you threw the day.

The 1st thing that you want to do is that you want to do if you want a start the day out right is to get a good night’s sleep.  Outta depending on your age usually 7 to 9 hours is a good amount.  Another thing is it is important to wake up at the right time you don’t want to wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle.  I’ve used a website called sleep calculator to help me figure out when is the best time to wake up.  Their website is called,

Now it’s time to wake up.  I recommend waking up to an alarm clock and not your phone. The reason is that when you wake up to your phone you are more likely to check social media or emails and don’t want to I want to bombard your brain with that information right away.  Also when you do wake up don’t hit the snooze just wake up and start moving out of bed. If you hit the snooze you’re telling your body to reset itself and we don’t want that. I suggest that you put your feet on the floor, smile, and think of something to be grateful for.

Once you’re out of bed go to the bathroom and brush your teeth.  Also when brushing your teeth have a nice glass of water.  Your body losses water during the night, so it’s best to replace it.

Then I suggest either doing some stretching or some type of exercise for at least 7 mins.  If able to,  do it outdoors.  The fresh air will help wake your body up. 

Now, this can be done either before or after you exercise.  That is to mediate.  Now I’m not a meditation expert, that’s why I use an app named Better Heath.  There are other apps, such as Calm, and Headspace.   Try each one till you find one you enjoy.

An important thing not to forget is to have a good breakfast.  I recommend a breakfast high in protein and fruit.

Making a change all at once can be challenging.  I think the best, thing is to do one thing at a time.   Once you have made one transition, work on another one. 

I hope these tips will help you have a more constructive day.  Thank you for reading.  Please share if this helps you out. 

As a bonus:

Click the link below to find an alarm clock for to help you start your day.

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