A difficult decision

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.   Amelia Earhart

I saw this quote and I thought the hardest part, isn’t the decision to act, it’s the merely tenacity.  Now you might ask what does merely tenacity mean, well I looked it up. It is someone who doesn’t give up on their goals. 

   The reason I believe that is more difficult, to do is because life happens and things try to force you off your path to your goal. 

Making a decision can be hard at time. Making a commitment to do the same thing everyday is even harder.  It’s easy to make a decision to exercise, write, eat right one day, or the next, but what about the day 30th or the 60th day.  What about the days when you go to party, or a football game.  Do you have the tenacity to still eat right, when everyone else is not? And do you have the ability to get back on track the next day if you do fall off.

     That it is why it’s important to have clear goals.  A picture of the results you are looking towards.  So when you fall of that horse, you will have a easier time getting back on and reaching your goals.

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