How to get started

Good morning

I hope everyone is ready for the day.

Today I want to write about taking action.  Isaac Newton, showed that an object in motion stays in motion, until something stops it.  I am probably paraphrase it. 

  The reason I am telling you this is because sometimes it’s hard to get started.  For me it’s hard to write everyday, or to get up and excersize.  I much rather watch, a TV show, or play a game, or sleep in.

       Some tips, I’ve heard about is to think of the results after you do the particular activity.  After writing I feel good, it helps relax my mind.  For excersize it’s that it will help my health and give me energy. 

      Also sometimes, you just need to start.  Sometimes I’ll just, have a blank piece of paper and write what ever comes to mind.  It could be random thoughts, or something I want to share. The important thing is that you or I started the wheels in motion.

Today I am thankful for: hot breakfast

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