The week ahead

So it’s Sunday night, and I will probably be heading to bed soon.  I do enjoy writing and sometimes it comes easy and other times not so well. 

  Tonight I want to write and share my thoughts before the new week. I want to take a moment to reflect, on thing I am thankful for this past week, and hopefully use that feeling into this week.

We got to see my, sister, brother, bother in law and my niece.  We had a fun 4th of july cook out with some friends.  I got some payments at work.  We went flower picking and got ice cream.  Went to Fri night Shabbat Service. Date night with my wife, we went to dancing and drinks at our Temple 10th anniversary party.

  I hope the next week is a good week.  Remember to find the good in the past and use that feeling to move you forward in the future.
Today I am thankful for:  memories

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