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Good morning

I hope everyone had a good night’s rest.  I didn’t realize till this morning that I forgot to write yesterday. I must say I am pretty proud that I wrote for over 34 days straight.
  So now to a new streak. 

Today I want to write about taking care of yourself.   I’ve been listening and reading that it’s important to take care of yourself before helping others.  If you’ve ever been on a plane, they tell you if the mask fall,  put your mask on 1st before helping others.  The reason they tell you this is because if you can’t help yourself how are you going to help others.

    Also by taking care of yourself 1st, you will have to energy to help those around you. So how do you take care of yourself?  Now, these are all things I need to work on. One is exercise.  I need to find time to exercise more.  It not just helps you physically but mentally too.

    The second is spending time meditating.  I found an app called Better Me.  I enjoyed it because it has different meditations depending on what I needed at that moment.

  The third is to get sleep.  I’ve become more aware of the importance of sleep. When I don’t get a good night’s rest, I am less focused and more irritable. 

  Fourth is to eat right.  This is something I need to work on. It’s just so hard cause I enjoy eating so many unhealthy things.  This will probably be the hardest to break.  While I do eat fruits and drink water, I eat too many sweets and salty snacks too.

  The fifth is to find a way to release your emotions.  That could be writing them down, or talking to someone you trust.  Whatever you choose just make sure it’s done safely.  

Today I am thankful for the restart

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