Letting your kids go

Good evening

I was watching the latest episode of the Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds.  In the episode, the doctor has a daughter who has a terminal illness.  He desperately wants to find a cure.  He eventually comes across one, however for her spirit to live, she has to give up her body.  This is a tough decision for him.  He lets her spirit go, and we find out she is happy. 
    As a parent, it can be hard to let our child go.  While this Star Trek was a little extreme I believe, I hope I understood the message.   Sometimes we have to let what we love to go out and explore the world around us.  I hope as a parent I and my wife have and will continue to teach our daughter how to live a safe and fun life.   To know the difference between right and wrong.  To visit your old parents and tell us what you have learned out there.  Of course, our daughter won’t be leaving anytime soon.  I just realize that, as the doctor did with his daughter someday, we will say goodbye while our daughter goes out and explores the world. 

Today I am thankful for my amazing wife and daughter.

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