A bad moment now what? How to stop a bad moment, from ruining your day.

Good evening

I hope everyone had a good day.  I just had a beef jerky stick that tasted horrible. I usually like beef jerky but this particular one was not very good.

  Now you might ask yourself why I am mentioning this.  The reason is that sometimes even I will let one bad experience will ruin what I think of something.  Or you have one bad moment in your day, and that moment makes the rest of your day bad. 

   So how do I try to not let a bad moment ruin the rest of a particularly good day?  Now this is easier to write about and I still have trouble at times letting go of bad moments, but I am working on it.

    One thing is that I try to take a step back.  I’ll walk away from the situation.  Or I’ll take some breaths in and out nice and slow for a minute or so to calm myself down.   Another thing that I suggest is to remember that you’ve gotten threw bad times before.  I will also recall things I am grateful for, or what can i look forward to later in the day.  I hope this helps.

Today I am thankful for my bed

Thank you for reading. I hope this advice has helped you in some way.

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