June 12: Take a break when needed

June 12


We just came back from a impromptu getaway.  It was loads of fun and much needed.  I think our family was overworked and overwhelmed with everything going on.

     Today I want to write why I think it’s important to take breaks.  One reason I think it’s important is that it helps you reset.  After you reset you usually better when you come back.  Every once in a while you have to reset your computer cause it was working to hard, why shouldn’t you do the same thing. 

    Also if your having a problem you can not solve.  Take a break.  By taking a break, when you come back maybe you’ll see it in a different light. 

     Third, by taking a break it gives your mind time to relax and at times come back with a new appreciation.   For me it’s a appreciation of all the amazing thing out there.   Especially not to far away.

Today I am thankful for:  breaks

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