June 11th: Do something spontaneous.

June 11


Tonight as a family we are watching “Better Nate the Ever” on Disney plus.  It’s about a 13 year taking a chance and following his dreams to be a star on Broadway.   While I thought about following a person his or dreams I decided to write about something else. 

       I decided to write about doing something spontaneous.  In the movie Nate and his friend Lilly take a impromptu trip to NYC.  Yesterday our family took an unplanned trip to Penn Yan N.Y.  I was a little hesitant to take the trip at 1st.  When my wife mentioned it to me,  I said it felt rushed.  I was concerned about the drive, us leaving home late, would my wife get out of work on time.  While we did get on the road, later then we should, when we got to our destination I was glad we went. 

      So far we have had a wonderful time, making great family memories.  I know that life can be difficult and monotonous at times.  However when you take that leap of faith, or do something unexpected the result on the other side are usually better the expected. 

Today I am thankful for unexpected trips.

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