June 10th how to keep going

June 10th

Hi.  It’s 11:30 pm, 30 minutes to midnight, and I want to keep my streak of writing each day in June. 
    It can be hard to keep a streak going.  The reason I am writing so late is that we decided to take a last-minute getaway.  More on that later. 
    So why is it so hard to stay committed to something?  I think it’s because for myself I lose interest. Or life just happens.    Here are my thoughts on how to keep a streak going
     -remember why you are doing it
     -you have 24 hours in a day. Don’t commit to doing it only in the morning or evening.  Just commit to doing it each day.
    – even if its a writing or whatever you want to do, be happy if you did it for 5min or 50mins. 

Today i am thankful for vrbo. 

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