June 9th. Remind me not to post that.

June 9th


Hope everyone is well this evening.  I need to remind myself that there are some things I shouldn’t post.  Mostly political stuff.  Now, this is not a political post, however, I posted something on a social media site, and the response is making me, think I need to respond.  My head is saying responded and prove that person wrong. My heart is telling me to let it go.  I think I should let it go. 
     In the past, I would be more concerned about winning the argument.  I might have won it, however, I would be stressed afterward. Mostly cause I believe I had won the argument but didn’t change the other person’s mind.  I was so concerned about what a stranger thought. 
     I have learned that I should be careful what I post.  Post stuff that makes me smile and laugh.  Post stuff that helps others. 

Today I am thankful for my meditation app.

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