June 8 and Rebuilding confidence

June 8th

Hi, I hope everyone had a good day.  I had a meeting at work.  The meeting went well, and they talked about getting back my confidence.  So I thought how can people gain confidence.  Some things I’ve read are log in your accomplishments.   Remember the fact that you have done great thing before.  Recall how those things you did made you feel. 
    Think positive.  I know it sounds clichĂ© however it works.  When you think positive you just feel better.  I was reading a some motivation quotes and many successful people say you are what you think in some way or another.
     Positive thinking is great, however action is needed too.  I need to remember that I’ve been doing this for a while.  Also I have the training, and my coworkers don’t want me to fail.
   It’s also important that I know what I am good at.  I need to recognize what make me good at my job.

Today I am thankful for walks with my wife

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