Today I volunteered.


So this morning my wife and I volunteered for our daughter’s s
Super-Fun day.  It’s the 1st time we volunteered together at Bella school since Covid.  Super Fun Day is a day the students spend outdoors, playing games and having fun.   It reminded me the importance of giving back, and using your time to help others. 

Afterwards I went on a tour of some interesting and cool places around the University of Buffalo.  It’s was a self guide tour for Allumni.  I graduated in 2000.  It’s amazing how much some of the building have changed.  I got to get a tour of there earthquake research center,  a James Joyce exhibit and more.  I am glad I took the opportunity to do it.  Its can be hard, however if there a opportunity to do something you think you’ll enjoy you probably should take it. 

So that’s what I have for day 3.  It’s was a busy day so I am tired. 

Today I am thankful I got to volunteer at my daughter school.
    Thanks for reading. 

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