Thought for June 2 2022

Day 2

Hello, so today was my last day working from home.  (I’m off tomorrow).  It did upset me, however I need to accept the fact that I do need help, and hopefully being at work will help with that.   Maybe someday I can return home. (At least to work at home).   And I know my manager just want me to be successful, cause when I collect, they do better too.

On a more positive note, I was able to watch the newest episode of Obi-Wan.  (Spoilers)  We finally got to see Darth Vader.  I am just wondering why Obi-Wan is so out of it with the force. I thought he was supposed to be continuing his training (per Yoda in end of episodes 3 Revenge of Sith.

  I also watch the new episode of Star Trek strange new world.   I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Spock and Tpring.  In the episodes it reminded me that it is good to see thing from the other person perspective.  That sometimes and often, we misunderstood what the other one wants.  Also to make time with your significant other.  

Today I am thankful for:
          People that want to help me

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