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Hi, So the other day I read an article about things husbands don’t want to tell their wife. One of the things it talked about was was husband’s don’t like to express their feelings to their spouses. This is definitely true for myself not one to express express myself to my spouse and tend to keep it bottled in. By keeping thing bottle in, I become angry, frustrated and easily annoyed.

Because I didn’t like how I was feeling, I decided to tell, my spouse how I was feeling. But first I had to figure out, when to share my feelings. Should I tell her in morning when were both getting ready for work, or in the evening, while doing homework with our daughter. I figured the best time mid morning, before work and after we got Bella on the school bus.

The reason I pick this time was we were both calm, and not rushed to get somewhere. Also we both had productive mornings too. I calmly told her how I was feeling, and what was upsetting me. To my surprise she took the news well. She was glad that I shared my concerns. And told me she can’t be there to help if I don’t tell her what I want.

So while it might be, hard to share one’s feelings, it is important. It’s important, because in my experience keeping those feeling inside, make me more anxious and get angry more easily. Also after sharing my feelings I felt more calm.

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