Getting over disappointment

So last night I watched one of the best football games I’ve ever watched. The AFC divisional round between the Buffalo Bills vs the Kanas City Chiefs. I was very disappointed with the outcome because my Buffalo Bills lost. They played a great game and so this morning I want to talk about getting over a disappointment.

Disappointment happens in life and we’re going to be disappointed at times in life. It’s unfortunate and it sucks but how do we move forward from that disappointment.

One way is to remember the great experience that you had. Remember, the excitement and the experience of enjoying watching. For this instance it’s me watching my Buffalo Bills team. or it could be enjoying the event you had with your family and friends.

The second is to remember to be thankful that you had the opportunity to experience it. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to watch the game. The opportunity to be in my warm house and able to see it.

The third is to take a moment and realize that life will move on. It’s not the end of the world. There are other things out there in life. Learned from the experience and try not to no make the same mistake again

Last but not least here is to not have such high expectations. All last week I has expecting that this was the year. I got my hope up high, only to see them come crashing down. The same thing can be said with a new movie that comes out. You see the trailers, get hype for it. Then you see the movie and it is not what you expected. Instead, just enjoy the moment, be present in the current situation. Hopefully next time, I’ll just be entertained by the event, and be thankful I can experience it.

I hope you got some insight today. Thank you for reading my post. If you got something out of it please subscribe and share it with a friend. Thank you!

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