How to have a comeback?

Happy New Year.

On Jan 3 1993 the Buffalo Bills completed the greatest comeback in NFL history. They were down 35-3 to the Houston Oilers in the middle of the 3rd quarter. They came back to win 41-38.

That got me thinking about how each of us, can have our comebacks. Everyone has been down at some times. We can focus on being down and let it keep us there, or do something about it. I think an important way to have a comeback is to be present in here and now.

Celebrated Coach Marv Levy would ask his players, “where would you rather be than right here right now? “When the Bills were down they didn’t worry about what happened before. They also did become anxious about what was to come. The team as a whole concentrated on that moment and only that moment. They executed the steps to move towards their goal.

The same can be said with your life. If aspects of your life are going down, take a moment and stop. Take a breath refocus and concentrate on the moment at hand. Stop worrying about the past, there is nothing you can do now to change it. The future is not yet, so being anxious just stops one from moving forward. Just be in the present moment, and take one step up one step at a time.

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My Buffalo Bills blanket.

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