How to get rid of Negative Thoughts? or at least limit them

Hi, hope everyone is doing well so today I want to talk about getting rid of negative thoughts. Now I’ve read that you have 35,000 thoughts throughout your day. That seems pretty amazing, and most of them are just you know simple thoughts. However negative thoughts can have a big impact on your life. A Harvard study showed that struggling with negative thoughts can affect you mentally, physically lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain, and even heart disease.

So how do we limit the number of negative thoughts that come into your life? It can be hard but it can be done. One thing is not to be around negative people or to be watching negative stuff. Especially with the news. When people watch the news they tend to be are worried afterward. I may be a limit the amount of news you receive. Another thing is to have a positive mantra or saying. When those negative thoughts come in I say ” I did it before I can do it again” or “put a smile on your face”. Speak about smiling, smiling can help get rid of or control those negative emotions. You can’t be sad and smiling at the same time unless you’re the Joker from Batman but that’s a different story. Another way to limit or get rid of those negative thoughts is to write them down you know write them out, you don’t have to show anyone just write them down and get them out in the open and then get rid of that paper. Metaphorically you’re getting rid of those negative thoughts. One other thing is to ask for help, if you’re struggling with your negative thoughts seek out help. Lastly is to be grateful for something, be thankful that you’re alive, you’re grateful that you can read this great blog post or listen to this podcast.

I hope these ideas, are helpful, next time a negative thought comes into your head.

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