How to stop Fear

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. With Halloween being in a few weeks, I wanted to talk about fear. I was listening to a podcast from Dean Graziosi said “fear equals procrastination” or something along those lines. He’s saying that people procrastinate because they’re fearful of what’s going to happen. If you get rid of that fear are less likely to procrastinate. I still have a fear of doing stuff even though I have done it many times before. That little voice in the back of my head, say maybe this is the time your fear comes true. However, I will calmly tell that voice, and say that is highly unlikely. I move forward and put the fear behind me.

If we don’t move past our fears, we will never move forward. Sometimes it’s hard to move past our fears when we see them so much in social media. For example, when you see a car wreck your brain wants you to turn and see it, you think to yourself that you’re glad that you’re not in the wreck and you need to be careful. It’s okay to be careful but also realizes that there are hundreds of cars on the road that haven’t gotten in an accident and if you dwell on that accident or fear you won’t move forward. That’s why it’s important to remember all the good in the world you don’t I know the positive things out there and to be grateful every day.

Another thing that I think fear holds us back is a fear of failure. And myself and leave others need to realize that people are going to fail. We, unfortunately, are not perfect individuals we have our flaws, and instead of concentrating on our flaws concentrate on our strengths. However, if you do fail take it as a life lesson.

I hope that you realize the fear is not worth it you should move forward and whatever you are pursuing.

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