How to Stick to your goals

 I want to be successful however for me and many others, it can be difficult to stay on track. We all have our distractions and our moments of weakness when we want to give up. But the only way to become successful at anything is by persevering being consistent and never giving up.

I think one and there are probably other reasons I don’t stay on track is that I am distracted easily. Even while trying to write this, my daughter wants my attention. That is why it’s important to find a dedicated time when you won’t be distracted.   

I just listed to the School of Greatness podcast episode 1115 with Katy Milkman, (great sources of learning and information), and one thing they discuss was setting goals. They said, that it is important to have fun when going after your goal. If you’re not enjoying and having fun while pursuing your goals then you’re more likely to stop. For me I don’t enjoy working out, that’s why I make it enjoyable by listening to a podcast, or an audiobook.  

Another thing to stay on track is to be flexible. Things in life happen, and that’s ok. After listing to the episode, I’ve come to realize that instead of saying I am going to work out, at 7 am each day, I should say I’m going to work out 5 out of 7 mornings. That way if I don’t work out at 7 am, it is ok if I do it at 7:30 am 8 am, etc. as long as I workout that day. The same goes for reading, writing, or any particular goal.  

Last but not least, is that it’s important when you do a step to a goal, that it doesn’t matter how long you did it, that you did a step towards the goal. Some days you might read for 30 minutes, other times it might be for 5 mins, as long as you move forward towards your goal each day I and I hope you consider it a win.

Good Luck in what ever goals your are reaching for, I wish you the best.

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