Good morning so the other day my daughter lost a tooth and. She decided to write a letter to the tooth fairy and give her a small little gift with the tooth. Now my daughter is at the age where some kids don’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore they know the truth behind it. Because she believed in the tooth fairy I ended up writing a letter to her on behalf of the tooth fairy. The reason I am mentioning this is it got me thinking that to accomplish any type of goal. You have to believe that it can come true you have to have that belief that one that it can happen and it will happen.

Having a calling is great but if you don’t believe you can accomplish that goal then what’s the point to having it. That’s why a strong belief system that you can do it in a mindset is so important. That’s why you see these people so focused on a goal and then they are influenced by negative people or other things that could bring them down and stop them from believing in their goal.

Think about it have you ever said a goal and then thought to yourself well I don’t believe I can do it, but I would try anyway. Most likely you didn’t accomplish the goal because you didn’t believe that you could do it. Hey right now I am watching the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and all these athletes put in so much hard work and dedication and you know they had those goals and believe that they could reach the Olympics in represent their home country.

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The note my daughter gave to the tooth fairy
The note my daughter gave to the tooth fairy
The note and gift my daughter gave to the tooth fairy.
The note the tooth fairy left for my daughter

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