Tuesday thoughts

So one thing I have a difficult time doing is being consistent with my blog post. So why am I so now I’m consistent with my blog post here I post something and people will view it and like it. I could say that I’m busy, and so is everyone, and to be honest, I do have the time. I’m worried about what others think, I am but that hasn’t changed who I am. I feel that I’m not consistent because I don’t have long posts.
Well, that’s just who I am. I’m not one to give long speeches or to write long essays. Maybe it has to do with my ADD. I’ve been one not to express myself or to let my feelings bottled up, worried about the consequences once they burst.
It’s easy to give advice, its harder to take it, especially when it’s your own. I’m so use to my life, however I do want to break out and do something better.
I think the most important thing in doing this blog is just to write it. Not to worry about its length or what to say, just write and see what comes out, then share it.

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Hi, I am in my early '40s with a wife and a young daughter. I am doing this so I can share my ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world. I also wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy it.

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