Take a break and try new stuff

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t turned the episode in a while. I’ve been trying to do some more stuff; I started to post more on my YouTube channel and started to take a stab in affiliate marketing. And was enjoying life a little bit more and over the past few weeks. I realize a couple of things; one is that change is going to happen regardless.

Also that it’s better to have an optimistic view of the word world than a pessimistic view. I say that because outside of my window, there was a nest and had some bird’s head, and unfortunately, I think something got to the birds. My daughter, The Optimist, thought that maybe the birds escaped; unfortunately, I believe that’s not what happened based on what I found. But it’s good that she had that positive outlook on the world.

I wanted to realize it’s okay to be scared to post stuff. I felt this with my YouTube channel, but you know it’s something that I’m glad that I did. I had fun doing it, and after getting over that fear of what people would think and realizing that regardless of what other people would think, you should go out and do stuff that makes you happy. You enjoy doing it, and you should share that stuff that makes you happy. Because maybe it would put a smile on somebody else’s face.

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Hi, I am in my early '40s with a wife and a young daughter. I am doing this so I can share my ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world. I also wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy it.

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