Be your unique self.

Today for a family movie, we watched Disney Upside Down Magic. It is about a school of magic. There are individual students whose magic doesn’t work as it should. For example, one student is supposed to make fire but only makes smoke. The kids whose magic doesn’t work correctly are forced to stop practicing magic because their magic is different. They are called UDM kids.
In the beginning, UDM students continue to practice magic secretly. While she does have some success initially, she eventually fails at what she is supposed to do.
The UDM teacher eventually realizes that UDM students are unique, special and beginning teaching them magic.
The same thing is with life; we all have our unique talents and skills. However, most of us are made to believe that we should be good at everything. I think about it and remember in school that I had to be good at every subject. While it’s good to be well-rounded and knowledgeable in many things, I am no expert in many things.
I was listening to Dean Graziosi the other day, and he mentions that people should focus on what they are good at and let other people do the things they are not good at. I believe I am good at being creative, finding new ways to do stuff, and coming up with an overall theme for a party. I am not good at cleaning or figuring out the small details for a party or time management.
Once you start to concentrate more on your strength and less on your weakness, you and I will be happier.
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