What to write about today, being grateful

One of the most challenging parts of this blog is figuring out what to write about. What do I say that hasn’t already been said. When I started this, I wanted to help people be more positive, and while I believe I have helped some people, I feel that I am just repeating the same thing.

Of course, in life some times, to get a message across, you have to repeat it multiple times. For example, my daughter is learning multiplication. While this might seem easy to most adults, when we learned it, it was by repetition, going over the facts repeatedly. 1×1, 2X1, 3X1….That being said, what positive message do I want to share today.

I think I will talk bout being grateful. Being Grateful can be one of the best ways to boost your mood. I recently came in 3rd place at a contest at work, and while I was excited, this little voice in my head was telling me I should be jealous and that I didn’t come in 1st or 2nd. I am not sure why, maybe cause I lost by so many points, or cause I did my best and still came in 3rd. Then I told my little voice to shut up and realize that I should be thankful that I did come in 3rd place out of 15 people. That I also won two gift cards in the other rounds. I also told myself that I should be thankful for the winners, and of course, I congratulated them too.

When you are grateful for what you have, you realize that you have more than you need from my point of view. Also, if you not thankful for what you do have, what you do have might be taken away.

Even though this was short, I appreciate those who read it. Please leave a comment below on what you thought.

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