Rewire your brain to be happier

I just read a quote from Tony Robbins, “Your brain is not designed to make you happy. That’s your job,” Tony Robbins. It’s funny how certain things will happen at unexpected times. I have not been my happy self for the past few days. Maybe its the fact I’ve been watching the news too much. Or not where I want to be regarding my goal at work or the fact I haven’t been sleeping that great recently. Regardless of the reason I have been feeling down, Tony’s quote makes me realize I have to change it.

The 1st thing I plan to do is get a good night’s sleep. I caught part of Arianna Huffington TED talks about sleep. She claims to be happier and productive is to get more sleep. I just have a feeling that this is true. I’m not a spring chicken here, and when I get adequate sleep, I tend to do better. Check out her talk at the bottom of my post:

The 2nd thing to help my brain be happier is to take an honest look and see all the great things that have happened recently. One might think nothing remarkable has happened to them; however, you might be surprised if you take a look. For me, it winning a contest, getting some unexpected fund deposited into my account, a successful party for my daughter. I guess I am saying it is to take an honest look at what you can be grateful for.

Another thing to help wire my brain to be more positive is to do exercise more. I’m not particularly eager to exercise; however, I know it is excellent for my physical and mental health. I think it’s funny that activity I don’t care to do will make me feel better, happier, and more energetic. Of course, after I do exercise, I do feel all those things.

The last thing is that I have to realize I’ve been in worse situations before, and I have gotten out of them. Even though the month may be almost over, it isn’t entirely done yet. Yourself and I can still hit the goal you want; one has to work hard, focus, and positive. Realize that its great to know what is going on in the world, but don’t need to see every detail. Finally, to smile more, I’m not sure where I read it, but they say even smiling when you’re angry or frustrated changes your mood for the better.
Doing these things will hopefully make myself happier, and you too.

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