Time and No regrets

Hi, so the other day, I recently rediscovered a Muppets video on Jim Croce song Time in a Bottle. Its an old song and but it’s good and talks about this old Muppet trying to put Time in a Bottle in trying to relive his life. Unfortunately you can’t do that you can’t relive your experience you only get one life to live. That is why it is essential two make each moment count, and end to try and live with no regrets. It is hard to take risks sometimes, and then I think about me when I was younger and some risks I didn’t take and missed opportunities. Even though I am nervous, at 1st, I feel better if I did take the risk. The successful people I follow on social, all talk about making sure to leave it all on the table. Maybe that is one of the keys to success.
Just getting this out is much harder beforehand for me because I want it to be clear, and hopefully, people will understand the point I am trying to make. Once it is out of my head and on to paper or my podcast, I feel more at ease. Maybe its because I got the words out.
I know I’ll still be nervous before I do one of these blog posts. However, I am relieved once it’s done because I don’t have to worry about the regret of not doing it.

Link to Muppet video I was talking about earlier:

Link to my podcast: https://anchor.fm/starttodayhappy/episodes/Time-and-no-regrets-ei04n4

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