Only compare yourself to you.

I believe one thing that is very hard is to not compare yourself to others. You look at someone of the same age and wonder why do they have what I don’t have. I know it’s hard, however, it is not good, it makes me feel upset and angry.

That is why if I do start to compare or feel jealous, I take a breath and realize the two of us are not in the same boat. That I am grateful for all that I do have.

One person you can compare yourself to is you. You can compare your self to the previous day. Did you improve yourself from the day before? Did you learn something new? Are you better today than you were before? Even if you improve yourself a little bit, each day you will eventually see big results.

Published by Dan Ferber

Hi, I am in my early '40s with a wife and a young daughter. I am doing this so I can share my ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world. I also wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy it.

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